About Us

Genes Lecoanet Hemant is a ready-to wear Brand of Lecoanet Hemant: thought and engineered entirely in India for India, it is a lifestyle collection of garments and accessories for the young at heart and happy to be International Indian. It is a modern alternative to contemporary dressing in India. 


 GENES – Lecoanet Hemant offers clients affordable luxury and inspires them to achieve cultural individuality in a globalized world.


GENES – Lecoanet Hemant seamlessly blends craftsmanship with high technology in design as well as in fit and make. From technical fabrics to soft supple natural fabrics, from finely printed to expertly embroidered and textured surfaces, from masterful tailoring to products that drape beautifully on the body, GENES – Lecoanet Hemant will present a comprehensive collection every season.


 GENES – Lecoanet Hemant is a brand developed by Lecoanet Hemant and is entirely created, developed and manufactured by Lecoanet Hemant in Gurgaon India in separate procedures and workshops under the strict supervision of the designers and their collaborators.