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— A deeply collaborative project!

A deeply collaborative project – Nature Nurture, was one such initiative. It was the coming together of Genes and Ayurganic for a curated range of individualistic styles that nourish the mind, body and soul. Rooted in nourishing properties of the Earth, the collection features GOTS certified natural textiles and organic dyes. At the core of it is wellness, pillared by healing treatments brought to life by the local communities in Kerala.

— And Handwoven!

The fabrics are enriched with a plethora of herbs like chitrathai, wild basil, vinca rosea amongst many others. Infused with the extracts of natural herbs and oils, the handspun and handwoven textiles carry medicinal qualities and healing properties. They are enhanced by processes developed over the centuries by Vaidyas (Ayurveda doctors) in southern India following holistic Ayurveda principles.

— Can truly make a change!

Fashion can truly make a change when it’s inclusive at every stage, where communities at the grassroot level are prioritized. This layered journey pillared by Ayurvedic principles enhances the immunity of the human body. Hence with sustained wearing, one forms antibodies, improving the balance within. The active herbs present in the cloth penetrate through the skin, purifying blood and energizing the system.

At Genes
— longevity is essential !

At Genes, longevity is essential to the design philosophy. The life span of the clothes is exponentially increased with consciously chosen textiles, ethical production, efficient design and craftsmanship. The season less aesthetic brings in versatility with styles that stay with the wearer for a lifetime. Certain pieces from the collection stand out. The Gavya Dress is a beautiful ode to simplicity. Softly draped with asymmetrical pleats, it embodies a fresh spirit for summer.

The Lai Shirt
— Is another favourite

The Lai Shirt is another favourite. It plays canvas to subtle floral motifs printed in organic pigment. The classic shirt is infused with a certain earthiness, courtesy fine coconut shell buttons. Nature inspired prints in organic dyes find a canvas in relaxed silhouettes. Shades of cider and honey meet quaint design elements, paving a new way for a modern simplicity. Think soft asymmetric pleats punctuated by coconut shell buttons. A fresh approach is reflected in bisque orange and sherbet hues that are reminiscent of a watercolor wash. Signature running stitch details and subtle fabric manipulation illustrate the craftsmanship behind Nature Nurture.

The Joy Project
— The past year has been marked by collaborations

The past year has been marked by collaborations like "The Joy Project" with SilaiWali and the Genes upcycled collection titled "Love in Black and White“, that are steps towards environmental and social sustainability. One of our central goals is to ensure that by the next 3 years, we become fully equipped to measure and minimize our carbon footprint through our supply chain.


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