Dopamine Dressing à la Genes

The Genes gospel goes, “Wear whatever it is you want to.” And it seems like what’s on everyone’s mind is colour. Reeling from the post pandemic fever was made easier with vibrant prints, colour blocking and an overall sentiment of zest.

Induce Happiness

Essentially the theory of dopamine dressing is wearing clothes you love to boost your mood. Studies reveal that the concentration ratio of CSF dopamine in groups exposed to colours green, blue, red and black was 1.14, 6.61, 0.1, and 0.1, respectively. This finding shows that colours green and blue are on top of the list of all colours for enhancing the concentration of dopamine.

Spirited Visual Language

Whimsical artistic influences have dominated mood boards at the Genes design studio. The last collection celebrated eye popping Kusuma dots and Basquiat’s spirited visual language. This summer the celebration continues.

An Eclectic Mix

There is an evident inkling towards vivid colours and imaginative forms, no doubt. A Summer Wonderland reimagines the works of Takashi Murakami and Carlos Cruz Dies.
The palette comprises of tones of lilac and rose set against the most vibrant lime green, berry blue, tangerine orange and orchid pink. An eclectic blend of saturated hues and pared down silhouettes set the tone.

Optically Charged Impressions

For women, balloon sleeves, oversized pleats and rounded shoulders, all play to the tune of wonder. Superimposed florals in yellow and black create an optically charged impression on butter yellow satin slip dress and shirt.

Co-Founders Speak

“The clothes spark joy and that was the whole point. Happiness is too personal a sentiment to be drawn down to just bright colours. Someone could feel their best in black and so for us it became about expression for everyone.”, notes artistic director and co-founder Didier Lecoanet.

Soul Of Summer

Menswear too catches up to this awakening. An all over 3D printed lime green shirt makes for a sartorial choice. The soul of summer runs in abundance throughout the collection. From floral printed sailor collar shirts to abstract stroked kurtas, the clothes have an undeniable quirk. A colour-pop floral print featuring all the colours of the season looks riotous on poplin shirts and t-shirts, like a wild summer dream.

The takeaway is simple- have fun and switch it up once a while.