Collection: The Joy Project

Genes continues its cherished relationship with Silai Wali, the United Nations recognised social enterprise striving for the empowerment of Afghani women refugees. This is the second edition of The Joy Project, a collaboration between Genes and Silai Wali that creates circular solutions by utilizing offcuts from past seasons and breathing new life into them through handcrafted dolls. 

Sustainability manifests in different forms and it pivots around taking responsibility to better the planet and the communities that share it at every step along the way. This project is a part of The New Sustainability Initiative, reflecting our commitment to produce consciously through closing the loop for our fabric waste. 80 kgs of donated post production fabric waste was hand sewn by the artisans into dolls exemplifying the ethos of the GenesTribe. The evocative colours of A Summer Wonderland, Genes’ latest collection, finds a voice in Marcel and Fifi. Striking prints inspired from the works of Takashi Murakami and Carlos Cruz Diaz meet the uninhibited playfulness of childhood. 

The Joy Project rediscovers the joie de vivre, innately present in all of us, a little bit of childhood that we always carry with ourselves.