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Inspired By Artistic Innovators

Takashi’s work embodies an intersection of pop culture, history, and fine art- all drawing from traditional Japanese painting, sci-fi and anime. His paintings, sculptures and films feature characters of his own creation, a common thread that instills every work with life. Carlos Cruz Diez, considered as one of the greatest artistic innovators of the 20th century, is a pioneering figure in the field of optical art. His works elevated the power of colour and kinetics.

Fantastical Wonder-Scapes

These artists’ creations influenced the surface design and print making approach for A Summer Wonderland - Genes’ offering for summer. Think fantastical wonder-scapes, mixing art and popular culture tropes. Vivid colours and imaginative forms string a story of a sort of adventure. The palette comprises of soft tones of lilac and rose set against the most vibrant lime green, berry blue, tangerine orange and orchid pink. There is a reduced simplicity to the hues owing to the underlying influence of the Bauhaus art movement and distinctive colour-pop palette of Takashi’s work.

Witty Floral Signature

Takashi’s love for the quintessentially Japanese pop graphics echoes through super flat flowers delicately printed on classic poplins. His witty floral signature plays inspiration for a 3D embroidery treatment elevated by large sequins and cut-out technique. It is all fun and frolic but pillared on immaculate tailoring.

Abstract Linearity

The works of Diez, heavily influenced by Bauhaus, infuses the collection with an abstract linearity- becoming building blocks of a zippy floral cloud print and guide the season’s stripe story. Triangles and circles appear alongside coltish florals and the inimitable Genes logo.

A Vivacious Season Of Color

Playful collage of florals in black and white, lilac and tangerine comes alive through screen printed hand drawn details. Florals remain central to the collection albeit seen through a whimsical lens. All this helps craft a wonderful language of print.The distinct Genes vocabulary shines through the interpretation of these artistic influences, setting the tone for a vivacious summer.


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