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Kusama once said
— My mind is full of paintings!

Kusama once said, “My mind is full of paintings.” Her personal mysticism found a voice in the signature reiteration of dots, in singular colours and treated oh so vibrantly. The Genes woman makes a case for sophistication underlined by a certain joie de vivre. A pristine white top for women plays canvas to playful red dots. In a similar vein a striped shirt dress becomes a confluence of sharp tailoring and placement printed dots. These pieces are inherently artistic but strike that elusive balance between quirk and elegance.

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The Menswear Repertoire
— Black and White Optical Illusion!

For men, polka dots elevate the classic black menswear poplin shirt, which when looked closely reveals an intricate linear thread embroidery treatment. The menswear repertoire is lively and varied. Delicate tailoring mixed with ingenious surface design – there is something for everyone but all coalesced into the unique Genes vocabulary. A double layered t-shirt also stands out- printed polka dots on the base layer of crepe and over layer of tulle create a dynamic black and white optical illusion.

Similar Styles From Genes

The Spirited Artworks
— Designed As a Window!

The spirited artworks of Basquiat guided printmaking and embroideries for the collection. White tee for men find a new lease of life with playful peek-a- boo prints while crisply tailored shirt-dresses for women are emblazoned with graffiti reminiscent of Basquiat’s unmissable style, but designed as a window to the Genes story.

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The Eye popping
— Works of Kusama!

Sculpted tunics in malachite green appeal to the meditative practice that lies underneath the eye popping works of Kusama. This straight fit raised neck top is informed by couture tailoring techniques, like draped pleats on the neckline and sleeves, that add a fresh dimensionality.

The creation of PARIS dot DELHI epitomizes an immersive experience, putting art and culture at the forefront of storytelling.

Similar Styles From Genes


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