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Jackets for men by Genes are designed keeping our brand philosophy in mind. These timeless pieces reflect the rich couture heritage associated with Lecoanet Hemant and styles are made to transcend seasons. An ideal winter or summer mens jacket from Genes usually features a tailored silhouette and premium fabric to last in your wardrobe much longer. Think bomber jackets, formal blazers, casual sleeveless jackets and more!

Mens Jackets - Genes Autumn Winter 2022 | Paris Dot Delhi

For Autumn Winter 2022, Genes celebrates acclaimed artists Yayaoi Kusama and Jean-Michel Basquiat. Their unique artistic influences have paved the way for this season’s designs for mens winter jackets. With plenty to choose from online and in stores, the assortment features quilted nylon jackets with a detachable pocket that turns into a functional sling bag, tulle and crepe bomber jackets with contrasting polka dot print for an illusionary graphic and. Some mens jackets also feature a combination of denim sleeves with nylon bodice while others mens jackets come in solid colors and our signature Eye and Crown Print inspired by Basquiat.

Mens Jackets - Genes Spring Summer 2022 | Reminisce

For Spring Summer ‘22, Sportswear details blend sharply with signature street elements. Solid mens jackets strike a fine balance between structure and fluidity. What stands out is a deftly curated language of prints. The Genes man establishes an assertive tone for the season, redefining classic menswear tropes with a modern twist. Stylish pinstripe mens jackets play canvas to the iconic Genes logo print. The idea is to create a new visual, all while respecting the codes of traditional menswear tailoring. Other mens casual jackets are cut in poplin and sport an artistic take on checks. The print is a collage-esque composition of brush strokes rendered in pink and white.

Mens Jackets - Genes Autumn Winter 2021 | Reflect

The pristine white of a snowscape lays out the canvas for Genes Autumn/Winter ‘21. A photograph of the topography, captured by co-founders Hemant and Didier, on one of their earlier trips to the mountains, inspires the signature print of the season for mens jackets. Matte satin bomber jackets bring to mind landscape paintings while a devoré velvet blazer is layered on a hand sequined shirt for a festive look ideal for Christmas celebrations or new years. Available online, mens jackets from this season remain some of the most popular styles from the brand.

Mens Jackets - Genes Spring Summer 2021 | A New Symbiosis

Titled “A New Symbiosis”, the collection explores the innate beauty of the wilderness. From embroideries that are inspired from the structure of lichens, to layered prints resembling the cryptic patterns on wild mushrooms, mens jackets from the collection tell the story of biological blueprints of these organisms. Natural motifs play out in an unexpected mix of colors. Think warm peach, hazel yellows and lavender. Casual Bomber Jackets are kissed by a light crocus flower print - a touch of sentimentality in a changing world. Textured fabrics and a dexterous execution of darts and tucks are reminiscent of the structure of wild mushrooms and add character to these Summer mens jackets .                                                            

Mens Jackets from Nature Nurture - A Cross Between Ayurvastra and Genes  

For this special capsule,  Genes and Ayurganic join hands for “Nature | Nurture”.

The first of its kind collaboration brought together Genes and Ayurganic for a curated range of individualistic styles for men, also featuring summer jackets that nourish the mind, body and soul. Think mens casual jackets punctuated by coconut shell buttons. Global Organic Textile Standard certified fabrics are enriched with a plethora of herbs like chitrathai, wild basil, vinca rosea amongst many others to make the mens jackets. Infused with the extracts of natural herbs and oils, the handspun and handwoven textiles carry medicinal qualities and healing properties, a rare find for those looking to buy such mens jackets online. They are enhanced by treatments developed over the centuries by Vaidyas (Ayurveda doctors) in southern India following holistic Ayurveda principles.

Mens Jackets - Genes Spring Summer 2020 | The Purist

This season, a new definition of masculinity is underlined by a fresh palette of summer colors like mint, apricot pink and soft charcoal for mens solid jackets. Think classic mens jackets in crinkle cotton, seersucker checks, broadfall trousers with a narrowed hem, to be paired with poplin shirts featuring engineered chrysanthemum prints

Genes Styling Guide For Mens Jackets

Tailored Mens Jackets:

Formal mens jackets in solid colors can be paired to perfection with matching trousers and a button down shirt for an eye-catching look. This style of jacket also paired well with denims for a laid back or relaxed look.

Casual Mens Bomber Jackets:

These styles are ideal for a layered up athleisure look feature coordinated jogger pants or shorts and a casual t-shirt in a contrasting color.

Long Winter Jackets For Men:

Meet the most versatile mens jacket of the season. The premier overcoat treads the tricky line between smart and casual, and comes crafted from a warming nylon blend that is sure to keep the cold out all winter long. It exudes effortless cool when layered over a long sleeved polo shirt or on a turtleneck for comparatively warmer days.

Mens Sleeveless Jackets: The sleeveless hoodie jacket for men is versatile enough to be paired with a dressy shirt or a casual crew neck for a sophisticated look. It pairs well with a variety of bottoms ranging from denims, formal trousers and even joggers.