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As the season for layering embraces us, Genes brings an array of stylish jackets for women. With jackets, the key element is tailoring, something that is pivotal to the Genes identity. Strongly rooted in the couture heritage, construction continues to elevate the premium fabrics and surface design techniques in the brand’s collections. From quilted bomber jackets for women to more formal jackets, there is something sartorial for every opportunity.

Women’s Jackets - Genes Autumn Winter 2022 | Paris Dot Delhi

The season’s theme of artistic expression, placing the works of Yayoi Kusama and Jean-Michel Basquiat front and center, has led to an ingenious collection of designer jackets for women. Streetwear silhouettes marry a vibrant print language making a strong case for trendy jackets for women. The signature polka dot print in red adorns a cotton twill jacket with a detachable hoodie. A classic black trench coat is envisioned with luxurious embroidery- a perfect example of a chic winter jacket for women. A standout piece is the black embroidered bomber jacket for women- the voluminous sleeves and airy silhouette is perfectly complimented by polka dot embroidery.

Women’s Jackets - Genes Spring Summer 2022 | Reminisce

The collection titled “Reminisce” explores the myriad ways in which the human mind perceives memories. A very no fuss, graphic and clean approach to nostalgia. The casual jackets for women in this collection epitomize “India Modern”, replete with sharp silhouettes and thought provoking prints that stay with the wearer. A classic example would be the immaculately tailored caramel brown blazer. An homage to a classic silhouette, this single breasted slim fit jacket is refreshed by the rich hue of caramel brown. A rounded shoulder is achieved by ingenious dart construction. On a completely different note, another stylish jacket for women is inspired from the sari blouse. This long sleeved cropped jacket plays canvas to the print of the season- an artistic rendition of Ikat inspired checks.

Women’s Jackets - Genes Autumn Winter 2021 | Reflect

The pristine white of a snowscape lays out the canvas for Genes Autumn/Winter ‘21. A photograph of the topography, captured by co-founders Hemant and Didier, on one of their earlier trips to the mountains, inspires the signature print of the season for womens jackets. Bringing the snowclad mountainscape to the modern wardrobe- the satin bomber jacket for women is sure to make a statement at holiday parties. Often jackets for women double up as dresses. With all over sequins and an ingenious raglan sleeve detail, the black jacket dress from the collection is a vision to behold. Available online, women’s jackets from this season remain some of the most popular styles from the brand.

Women’s Jackets - Genes Spring Summer 2021 | A New Symbiosis

For Genes Spring Summer 2021, A New Symbiosis celebrates metamorphosis and interdependence. The jackets for women mark an innate exploration of the forest with a keen eye on the often overlooked. Contoured darts and floral organza appliques add a new dimension to form and feel. From embroideries that are inspired from the structure of lichens, to layered prints resembling the cryptic patterns on wild mushrooms, women’s jackets from the collection tell the story of biological blueprints of these organisms. Hand drawn florals with organza applique make an appearance in a classic jacket for women. Linen woven in a herringbone pattern is cut beautifully for a gentle fit. On the other hand, frayed edges, that bring to mind the foliage on the forest floor, bring to life a trendy jacket for women. Clean lines, patchwork pocket details and a lush cotton textile come together in the perfect summer over shirt.

Women’s Jackets from Nature Nurture - A Cross Between Ayurvastra and Genes

The coming together of Genes and Ayurganic laid the narrative for "Nature Nurture”, a collection with some of Genes’ signature jackets for women. Wellness is at the core of "Nature Nurture". In this collection, the quintessential Genes expression is touched by the nurturing essence of Ayurganic. Crafted in GOTS certified cotton sateen and naturally dyed with Ayurvedic herb, a trendy jacket for women features a delicate floral print infused with the Genes stripes. With “Nature | Nurture”, Ayurganic goes outdoors. An undercurrent of Genes' unique voice makes the designer jackets for women a perfect addition to the modern wardrobe - season less designs that stay with the wearer for a lifetime.

Women’s Jackets - Genes Spring Summer 2020 | The Purist

Genes Spring Summer’ 20 explores new grounds of refined simplicity. An array of jackets for women are swathed in pastel evoking a sentiment of weightlessness. The play on volume is subtle yet intelligent with discreet details of tucks, gathers, lace inlays, intricate embroideries and exquisite smocking. Chic classic summer jackets with dainty tie-ups are paired with pleated cotton trousers for that effortless transition from work to summer sundowners.

Genes Styling Guide for Women’s Jackets

Tailored Women’s Jackets: The takeaway is to carve out a space in your wardrobe for these classic styles. Pair it with a long maxi dress for a luncheon or suit up for a formal look.

Casual Women’s Bomber Jackets: Let the artist in you shine with the fluttery organza bomber or the stain bomber jacket with the snowscape print. These statement making pieces can be styled with a skirt for a fashion forward approach.

Winter Jackets for Women: A style that is bound to leave a lasting impression is the white and red polka jacket with hoodie. Sleek and perfectly complimented by fitted trousers. Another pick would be the grey jacket with gather details on the sleeves. Sharply tailored and adorned with inventive sleeves, it makes for a very stylish over layer.

Women’s Sleeveless Jackets: A winter must have; the sleeveless jackets are perfect for a not so cold winter evening. From the latest collection, a sleeveless hoodie jacket for women is crafted in circular quilted black nylon. It features a detachable pocket at the back that doubles as a sling bag- printed with the artistic Paris to Delhi print. Best paired with a crisp shirt. Another style that comes to mind is the cape jacket with slits. The flattering silhouette is highlighted by the vibrant polka dot printed lining. Pairs beautifully with a polka printed tee and black trousers.