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The Tropics : A Summer Sojourn

A summer escape underlined by the vivacity of the tropical rainforest. Replete with colours, textures, patterns that transport you to a different world, the upcoming collection takes the Genes Tribe...

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"To love" has taken a deeper meaning in present times. It covers an act of kindness not only limited to another, but to one's own sense of self & people...

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Stars In Genes – Revisited

A recap of some of the best Genes looks sported by celebrities. Genes is rooted in artistic expression and from its very inception has garnered the attention of upcoming talent...

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From Paris To Delhi - A Journey in Design

A thread of commonality runs through the identities of an Indo-French haute couture house and a ready to wear contemporary label epitomising the joy of expression. Lecoanet Hemant and Genes...

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The Quiet Luxury of Timeless Essentials

As we hark back to the nostalgia of the 90s, a certain resurgence has taken over the fashion landscape. The phrase "quiet luxury" refers to a lifestyle centre around discreet...

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Genes Pays Tribute To Artists Takashi Murakami & Carlos Cruz Diez

Our affair with art continues, only this time with a generous dash of wonder. With A Summer Wonderland, Genes tries to tap that zest for life. The collection is a...

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