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Spring Summer 2024
For Spring 24, Genes manifests an adventurous summer dream. The quiet roar of a nearby river breaks through iguana crested trees, with low hanging florals drenched in bright orange. A quick glance over the shoulder reveals a trail painted with otherworldly foliage. The rainforest is a sensorial feat and ‘...tropiques!’ takes us on a safari. The rich character of the tropical rainforest gets the quintessential Genes treatment - symbolic, infused with individuality and thoroughly artistic.
Each leitmotif reincarnates through a hand drawn effect, harking back to past seasons that celebrated the imperfections
of the human hand. ‘...tropiques!’ is a vibrant proposition of cheer, meticulously tailored for the modern wardrobe.

The ideation began with a landscape painting I made for this collection. Each season we find ourselves going back to the
drawing board; to sketching, painting and creating from scratch. For ‘...tropiques!’, the goal was to capture a feeling of
pristine tropical wilderness,” notes Artistic Director Didier Lecoanet who, growing up in France, found creative expression in environmental paintings.

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